Nothing is absolute.

Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.~ Frida Kahlo

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Writing is my second nature. I cannot live if I cannot write. Here, you find my thoughts, ideas, short stories and progress on my first book - a personal memoir of the past 7 years, and the follow-up: a creative DIY-change-your-life-book. To be continued!


I can honestly not think of anything more vulnarable than writing poems... Here you find free work and progress on a little poetry book of my conversations with the moon entitled 'De Manologen' i.e.'The Moonologues'.


Drawing is a rediscovered passion which was hidden underneith piles of dust. I feel more alive, mindful and happy when I sit behind my desk and draw life. I have a dream to draw someones life path with all its defining moments.


They say: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer - I agree as I just love travelling. Being away from home, work and things that need to be done seems to create a different version of me. I feel free, more creative and can easily thin outside the box.The experience of meeting new people, visiting new places, enjoying beautiful scenery; there is just nothing like travelling....

Newest Posts & Poems

'What if I fall? - Oh but Darling - What if you fly?'