I cannot live if I cannot write. Writing is my second nature. Here, you find my thoughts, short stories and the progress on my first two books: A personal memoir of the past 8 years in which I changed my life from researcher to yoga teacher and the follow-up: a creative DIY-change-your-life-book. To be continued!


I can honestly not think of anything more vulnarable than writing poems. Here you find free work and my new little poetry book of my conversations with the moon entitled 'Altijd Maandag' (Always Mo(o)nday).


Drawing is a passion which was hidden under piles of dust for years. I am so happy I have picked it up again lately! I feel more alive, mindful and happy when I sit behind my desk and draw or paint. Here you can find my free work and illustration assignments. Also check out the free printables!


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer -they say. I just love traveling. Being away from home, work and things that need to be done seems to create a different version of me. I feel free, more creative and can easily think outside the box. Here you find my travel blogs from South America and Buenos Aires where I lived last year.

Newest Posts & Poems

  • Go Vegan? Mijn 7 bevindingen na 1 maand all-Vegan eten

    April is de maand van de Vegan Challenge. Nu eet ik inmiddels ruim 18 jaar vegetarisch uit principiële overwegingen, maar toch voelde veganistisch eten als een ver-van-mijn-bed-show. Ik ben immers verknocht aan kaas; oude kaas, blauwe kaas, kaasfondue, kaas-tosties…Yum!. Het idee […]

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  • Sawah’s Story

    This is the story of Sawah

    It is really amazing how a tiny, tiny little kitten has changed my view on life…

    For the last two weeks we were on a holiday on the tropical Island Bali. It was my 5th time there and […]

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